How Lytty CRM helps your Retail

Lytty Retail CRM and Lytty Loyalty - delivering comprehensive yet simple customer engagement tools to know and engage to grow your retail business

Know your customer

Access 360 Degree View of your customer Realtime

Personalised promotion to increase revenue

Track and manage your customer support in single platform

Intelligent Automated workflows

Create your own workflows to customise Business process

Smart Customer support tools

Smart segmentation of your customer with campaigns to boost business

"65% of the Retail Business Owners don't have 360o view of Customer's Journey"

Most retail organisations, customer data is spread across multiple tools, making it difficult to get 360o view of customers jorney - and strategically take informed decisions. Use Lytty Retail CRM to pool all data in to one platform and take informed decision to improve your business along with higher customer satisfaction.

Plug in your platform

You don't have to code to import your product listing from your e-commerce platform. Simply use one of use free plugins to help you intrgrate

Why you should consider Lytty Retail CRM

Customer Insight

Know your customers better. Its always better to start your marketing initiatives after knowing your customers better and

  • Know your customers purchase pattern
  • Customer 360-degree view
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Customer profiling
  • Customer Segmentations
  • Customer journey analysis

Smart customer support

Integrate all your support channels and mange it in a central location

  • Customer Query ticketing made easy
  • Workflow automated query handling
  • Faster communication to manage queries via SMS / Email
  • Efficient support dashboard to increase support efficiency

Engage Customer

Increase customer engagement and increase Business

  • Personalised messaging
  • Coupon code for Segmented customers
  • Know Coupon code efficiency
  • Loyalty program to retain customers
  • Know what your customers do on your website with Webhooks

Delight Customers

Increase customer satisfaction and monitor on regular intervals to improve Customer delight score

  • Run specific upsell and cross sell campaign
  • Nurture customers after knowing about them
  • Single board to know the sales/support for better customer service

Industries on Focus

Retail Chain




Bakery &

Hotel &