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Customer profiling

Customer profiling assists retail business owners in gaining a deeper understanding of individual customers. Often overlooked, this area involves initial entry of customer contact numbers and basic details, with few returning to consistently enrich this data. LYTTY addresses this issue by enabling continuous updates to customer profiles across various parameters. For example, LYTTY can track evolving customer preferences over time and record multiple interests a customer may have. This allows you to engage with customers based on their tastes and preferences..

Customer ranking

LYTTY AI ranks your customers based on various factors such as customer transactions, preferences, satisfaction scores, frequency of purchase, and more. This deep insight provides you with a quick understanding of the customer's importance, enabling you to formulate engagement plans accordingly

Customer transaction analysis

LYTTY will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of your customers' transactions. By analyzing customer transactions, one can assess the potential of each customer. Many studies show that more than 50% of the volume is contributed by one-time purchases. LYTTY can aid in identifying these one-time and repeat purchasers, allowing you to segment them and create marketing programs to encourage repeat purchases..

Customer demographic/psychographic analysis

In addition to customer transaction details, capturing customer demographic and psychographic information with their permission can be highly valuable. This data can be leveraged to provide more personalized offers and enhance customer satisfaction. It also facilitates linking customer purchase behavior with demographic details, leading to innovative ideas for new marketing campaigns. For example, if you determine that the product 'JI Jeans' is primarily purchased by individuals aged between 20 to 25, you can design a marketing campaign to promote similar products to that segment.

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