Understand your Customers better

Continuesly update and profile your key customer information to better design personalised campaign.

Invoice Sync From Ecommerce/ Instore App

Any Retail business data is not full without the transaction details, and one of the important transaction data is Sales data. Its imperative for growing retailers to analyse the sales data from different angles, like customer wise, location wise, period wise etc., LITTY Retail CRM will help you to plug in to your current Invoicing software and get the data updated in one place for your further analysis. Sales data can be integrated to LYTTY Retail CRM from your Ecommerce platform or from your InStore Retail POS software.

Customer 360° View

Many studies shows that "65% of the Retail Business Owners don't have 360° view of Customer's Journey". Its mainly because the data is spread across different silos like billing software, service records, email box, marketing programs etc., LYTTY Retail CRM will help you to consolidate all those in to one platform that you can get 360 degree of customer from one single platform.

Demographic Profiling

You know, the organized retailers relay heavily on the Demographic data of a customer, and group it together to some meaningful set before planning any business boosting activities ?. Demographic analysis of your customers can be done on factors such as age, race, and sex, Education, income, marital status and more. Now with the help of LYTTY Retail CRM, any small business Retail business owners can also do the profiling and grouping of customers and start targeting them individually to increase the business

Geographic And Life Stages

Its important to know more about your customers in terms of where they belong to, and what life stage they are in which will help Retail businesses to treat them differently. If you are planning to run a campaign to those who live around your store, grouping according to those who live nearby a store may be considered. At the same time, you must be aware that different customers need different attention when they are in specific life stage. For eg: Single adults shotp differently than Adults who have recently had a child or adults with grown-up-kids. Lytty Retail CRM will help you to record and manage these data and treat them efficiently.

Psychographic And Behavioral Profiling

Each customer expects them to be treated differently, and if as a retail business owner you can satisfy the expectations, you can make your customer delighted. But if you have 1000s of customers, its nearly impossible to understand each one better and serve them. For Eg: if you know one set of customers who like to be contacted through social media, or those who like “Football” a lot can be given personalized content in marketing campaigns. Lytty Retail CRM can record and manage these type of data and will help you in running efficient marketing campaigns.