Build Robust Customer Relationship

Continuesly update and profile your key customer information to better design personalised campaign.

Customer Insight

Know your customers better. Its always better to start your marketing initiatives after knowing your customers better and

Support Ticket Management

Support Ticketing Management mainly to restore normal service performance as soon as possible and to minimize the adverse effects on business operations, ensuring the quality and availability of the service. Effective Support management in LYTTY Retail CRM will help the Retail business management to effectively manage all customer support queries.

Webhooks To Get Support Queries

Customers are now omni present now a days and they need to access your support system from all channels. LYTTY Retail CRM has efficient web hooks which will help the support departments to collect support queries from different channels.

Customer Satisfaction surveys

When you want your Retail business to appeal to your customers on a regular basis, one needs to know how satisfied the customer is. With LYTTY , Retail businesses can configure Customer satisfaction and trigger it to the customers in different instances like, Soon after the Sale of products, after few days of purchase , Soon after a customer support call, after they done an on line purchase etc., depending on the objective. Experience the power of customer feedbacks with LYTTY

Net Promoter Score ( NPS)

Net promoter score or NPS as famously known in the industry is one of the best tools the Retail business owners can use to gauge the customer loyalty towards the business. This Toll also will help the business owners to understand how many customers are ready to refer your products to their known ones . NPS generally indicates the health of the company, and how good the company will do in the near future . This measure, will help you to know how many customers are your promoters and how many are your Detractors.