Use LYTTY AI to efficiently personalise promotions

Continuesly update and profile your key customer information to better design personalised campaign.

Customer Segmentation

Slice and Dice your customer data which can help personalized marketing campaign

Customer segmentation is one of the best way to scientifically understand which group of customers can be targeted for the business campaigns. Lytty Customer segmentation tools will help you to easily create different customers segments with a very easy to setup process.

For Eg: if you want to run a campaign for a new product launch for a new “Dish washer”. The best possible effective target audience will be all those customers who have already purchased product “ABC Washing soap” from you. Create such audience group and run campaigns effectively.

Business Booster

Advanced customer segmentation to slice and dice on real time with actionable insight

Business booster feature will help you to create dynamic customer signation on the fly, which will help you to understand effectiveness on Realtime. Filter down your customers with many factors like, Purchasing behavior, Demographic details, Psychographic Details etc.,

For Eg: if you want to know how many customers are there who have purchased product “A” and those who live in your City and those who have interest in “Football” and accordingly plan a marketing campaign to make the process more productive.

Campaign Management

Run different campaigns to retain customers with personalized SMS, Whatsapp and Email campaigns.