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Business Promotion Coupons

Coupons can be a valuable choice for your marketing department, whether it's about re-engaging existing customers or enticing new customers to your business. A well-designed coupon campaign has the potential to significantly boost your sales revenue. LYTTY can assist you in recognizing the hidden power of associations and relationships between your products, enabling you to effectively employ upselling and cross-selling through coupon campaigns. With a precisely targeted coupon campaign, you can achieve a high success rate. Additionally, LYTTY provides the capability to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns through its dashboards

Personalized Intimation to Customers

After creating a coupon campaign for a specific set or segment of customers, it's essential to inform them about these exclusive offers. LYTTY offers a user-friendly function that allows you to easily send coupon details via SMS, email, or WhatsApp with just a click of a button. If you have integrated your coupon code process with your POS or e-commerce software, customers can take advantage of the omnichannel feature. This means that whether they make a purchase in-store or online, they can utilize the coupon code.

Coupon Campaign Analysis

After designing and executing a coupon code campaign, it is imperative to determine the campaign's outcome and its effectiveness. LYTTY helps by providing you with a snapshot of its effectiveness through reports and dashboards.

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14-Day Free Trial • Cancel Anytime • No Credit Card Required • Need a Demo?