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Smart recommendations

As a retail business owner or manager, understanding customers' needs can be challenging without utilizing tools to capture and analyze their purchasing behavior and other relevant parameters. LYTTY offers intelligent recommendations through its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence capabilities. LYTTY AI enhances your understanding of product associations, highlighting popular product combinations that customers tend to prefer. Moreover, LYTTY aids in customer segmentation, enabling precise targeting to boost sales. The benefits of these recommendations include increased sales conversion, enhanced user satisfaction, heightened loyalty and brand affinity, and reduced customer churn

Realtime recommendations

Recommendation systems gather customer data and automatically analyze it to generate tailored suggestions for your customers. Consider the impact of applying recommendations while your customers are in the store or browsing your e-commerce site. LYTTY can propose the finest products and services for individual customers by analyzing multiple parameters, including purchase behavior, demographic details, and cohort analysis. LYTTY's real-time recommendations are driven by a comprehensive AI algorithm.

Personalised recommendations

Marketing campaigns often fail due to a 'carpet bombing' approach to execution. However, with LYTTY, your system can recommend products by comprehending detailed personal preferences and information of customers

Easy Integrate with your Ecomm/ POS software

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14-Day Free Trial • Cancel Anytime • No Credit Card Required • Need a Demo?