Frequently Asked Questions

Know how easy to manage your loyalty with Lytty

What is Sandbox ?

If you are newly got registered to LYTTY account, by default you will taken to a place where some test data is been pre-populated. This will help you to understand how LYTTY will look like if there is some data. This stage is called Sandbox. And once you are good to go ahead with your data, just click on GO LIVE button – that all Sandbox test data will get removed automatically and will ready for your actual data. In Sandbox mode you can enter dummy data as you like.

How can I move out of sandbox ?

To move out of Sandbox – you need to click on the “GOLIVE” Button provided on the top right corner. Once gone live, you need to enter some basic corporate setting and all these are mandatory to get started

How to start importing your realtime data ?

LYTTY will allow you to import your data in a simple way. One of the main import feature is Import your sales data. The sales data import will help you to add your sales data, Customer data and product data from one single import .

What will happen to the data I have entered while in the sandbox ?

All the data you are seeing , prepopulated data as well as the new data you have entered will be cleared when you move in to the live mode. Hence its better not to put any real data while on the sandbox.

Is email verification is mandatory ?

Yes, Email verification is mandatory to keep the LYTTY account live. You need to verify the email within 24 hrs from the time of trial registration. You can move to Live data only after verifying your email.