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From new Retail business owners to Existing Retail business owners start managing your Retail business with deeper insights to your customers with LYTTY analytics, Support management, Personalisation, Campaign management.


If you are starting your retail business.


If you already have a running Retail business.


for SMB Retail businesses.


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For advanced application which needs to be customised.

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Contact sales

  • First 500 invoices
    Number of customers 1000

  • Basic Customer insight
  • Customer 360 degree view
  • Customer profiling
  • Sales data import
  • Customer Support
  • Ecommerce integration
  • 2 basic wrokflows
  • Customer segmentation
  • RFM analysis
  • SMS campaign
  • 1000 invoices/month
    Number of customers 5000

  • Customer Insight

    Customer 360 degree view
    Customer profiling

  • Customer Experience

    Net promoter Score
    Post purchase review

  • Business booster

    Discount coupon
    Personalised push notification

  • Customer Support

    Support tickets
    Workflow based support handling

  • Customer segmentation

    RFM analysis
    Templated segementation

  • Campaign managemet

    SMS campaign
    Whatsapp campaign

  • Workflow

    Pre-defined workflows

  • Integration


  • All of Growth scheme +

    5000 invoices/month
    Number of customers 10000

  • Customer Loyalty

    Loyalty point managemnet
    Integration with external app **

  • Abandoned cart

    Abandoned cart management

  • Retail analytics

    AI driven Recommendation
    Advanced Customer segmentation

  • Lead management

    Lead to sales conversion

  • Advanced workflow -

    Create your own workflows

  • Cloud telephony integration

  • Fully featured

    unilmited invoice
    unlimited numer of customers

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