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Support tickets management

LYTTY features a function to manage and track customer complaints and requests in an automated manner, enhancing the efficiency of problem resolution. Help desk or support ticketing software logs tickets received through various channels like email, phone calls, self-service portals, mobile apps, or chats, and then processes them according to predefined workflows. The support ticketing system assists support teams in efficiently handling customer queries. It transforms customer requests into accessible tickets that can be addressed from a single dashboard. An effective support ticket process can enhance customer retention by providing a streamlined approach to managing service requests and resolving issues. This leads to happier customers who are more likely to remain with your company and continue engaging in business with you.

Support stages management

The Support Ticket lifecycle, or stages, refers to the different phases that a customer service ticket undergoes, starting from its initial status as 'New' and progressing through 'Open', 'Answered', 'Resolved', 'Postponed', 'Marked as Spam', 'Deleted', or 'Purged'. Lytty's Support Ticket features provide detailed tracking and reporting, ensuring timely and satisfactory resolutions for customers. This, in turn, helps increase the level of customer satisfaction."

Support dashboards

Customer service is a vital function of any business. Due to this very reason, data visibility related to support services becomes an essential requirement. A dashboard provides access to all data and functions pertaining to customer service, encompassing the entire support process. It allows you to understand the number of support calls in the pipeline and those that haven't been attended to within the SLA timeframe. Such dashboards also play a pivotal role in making informed decisions to enhance the approach towards customers.

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