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Simple and Advanced segmentation


If you want to analyse your customers better, you need to put your customers in to some meaningful baskets or Segments. Generally its been observed that like minder customer’s purchasing behaviour has got many similarities, which will help the organisation to plan the marketing strategy very effectively. LYTTY will help businesses to segment their customers with its easy to use industry’s best used templated segments , or if you are keen on researching further , you can create your own customer segments with advanced segmentation tool

RFM segmentation

Recency , Frequency , Monetary segmentation famously known as RFM analysis is one of the best tools used in Retail industry to know which customer for apt for a specific marketing campaign. RFM segmentation also will allow you to know which are the customers will be leaving you soon or which are your customers who are the advocates of your brand. Generally RFM segmentation is executed, you will get 10 baskets of customers like, champions, Loyal customers, Can’t loos them, Hibernating customers, about to sleep customers, Promising customers, Recent users, Those who need attention , Price sensitive customers and Lost customers. LYTTY AI will evaluate your customers on this algorithm, and will give you monthly predictions of your customers on the above parameters.