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According to Gartner, SMS boasts an open rate as high as 98% and a response rate as high as 45%. This makes SMS an incredibly effective marketing strategy for retail. The benefits of SMS for retail are numerous, including improved customer engagement, increased customer acquisition, and soaring sales rates. The advantage of an SMS campaign is its user-friendly and cost-effective nature for communicating with customers. When potential customers are targeted with concise SMS messages, the conversion rate tends to be significantly higher. SMS campaigns can be employed for various use cases, such as promoting offers and sales, delivering personalized coupon codes, providing information about limited-time events, offering VIP perks, and presenting loyalty rewards

Email Campaigns

Worldwide, email marketing campaigns are among the most cost-effective ways to reach the right audience. Whether you operate an online store or an e-commerce business, a carefully planned email marketing campaign can yield the desired results. Email campaigns prove to be particularly effective when targeted at a focused group or curated customer segment. LYTTY is equipped with an efficient email campaign feature, allowing integration with popular email sending applications like Mailchimp or the option to use your domain-based email system..

Whatsapp Campaigns

In today's world, people enjoy spending time on WhatsApp, making it their preferred communication channel. As a retail business owner, if you wish to quickly connect with your customers, there's no more effective channel than WhatsApp. This becomes particularly significant due to the large audience present on WhatsApp. Recent studies indicate that WhatsApp boasts a higher conversion rate compared to traditional marketing channels like SMS and email.

Campaign performance analysis

Successful campaigns employ highly targeted outreach to acquire or retain customers, leading to outcomes such as increased sales and heightened customer satisfaction. To enhance campaign effectiveness, consistent evaluation of executed campaigns is essential. LYTTY assists in performing in-depth analyses of campaign effectiveness for each campaign, allowing continuous tweaking to enhance performance. These analyses provide insights into whether the campaign achieved its goals and which channels are most effective.

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