Business Booster

Customer Insight

You are in a highly competitive market, and the key differentiator is how well your business understood your customers, and their expectations. Customer Insights helps you to understand and interpret customer data, behaviors, and feedback into conclusions that can be used to improve product positioning and customer satisfaction. LYTTY Retail CRM will help you understand your customer better and also to personalise your offerings according to their needs and expectations.

Realtime Customer Segmentation

Effective Retail business owners will recognize that, “one size fits all” kind of style will not work in this modern world. Its imperative for the business owners and Marketers to segment and cluster customer data which will give meaning to the information gathered. A Harvard Business School professor even went as far to say that, of 30,000 new consumer products launches each year, 95% fail because of ineffective market segmentation. Segmentation will be very effective for improving marketing efficiency, Determine new market opportunity, increase customer retention rates etc., Lytty Retail CRM is equipped with some very easy to use Segmentation tools which will help the retailer to effectively segment their customers.

Run Business Booster Campaigns To Increase Revenue

To improve the Retail business, one needs to test different marketing and sales campaigns. Lytty Retail CRM will enable you to quickly create different business booster campaigns which can be executed and monitored for its efficiency. One can also understand the impact of each campaign and tweak it further for high return.

Upsell And Cross Sell Campaigns

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your business? One of the best method of increasing your business, is to know more about your customer purchase pattern. Upselling and cross selling is very effective to increase the average ticket rate. Maximize your per-customer sales, and give your customers more value for their spend.

Personalised Coupon Code Promotion

Its basic psychology that, every one likes something which is exclusively given to them, which gives an impression of treating them as special. According to a study cited by Psychology Today, habitual coupon users prefer to buy products with a coupon even if it means spending more money personalized Coupon codes, Retail business owners can woo the customers to purchase more by redeeming specific coupon codes. LYTTY Retail CRM will help you to create and manage Coupon codes targeting some specific segment of customers and integrate to your instore POS or Ecommerce.