Customer Support

Delight your customer with smart support workflow and support tickets.

Support Ticket Management

Support Ticketing Management mainly to restore normal service performance as soon as possible and to minimize the adverse effects on business operations, ensuring the quality and availability of the service. Effective Support management in LYTTY Retail CRM will help the Retail business management to effectively manage all customer support queries.

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Support Escalation Workflows

Support ticket categorization and prioritization, ticket routing, alerts and notifications, and ticket status management will support the agents to spend more time resolving the actual support issues. Efficient and Intelligent Workflows equipped in LYTTY Retail CRM will help you to manage your support queries efficiently.

Webhooks To Get Support Queries

Customers are now omni present now a days and they need to access your support system from all channels. LYTTY Retail CRM has efficient web hooks which will help the support departments to collect support queries from different channels.

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Live Customer Updation On the Support Query Status

LYTTY Retail CRM will help you to integrated your Ecommerce or website to communicate back to your customer which will enable your organization to get in touch them with out much delay.