Loyalty Program

Multi-Layered Loyalty Program Management

Its been proved that, an effective Customer loyalty program increases profits, improves sales success and allows for sustainable growth. A well-designed and well-executed loyalty programme can help you retain existing customers, attract new customers, reduce turnover and drive profits. LYTTY Retail CRM is equipped with a comprehensive Loyalty management system which will help you to run multiple loyalty programs simultaneously. You can also promote some customers from basic to premium loyalty programs as per the specific rule set in the application.

Custom Loyalty Point System

The benefit of any loyalty program relies on how much you give back to the customer as an appreciation to purchase more. In LYTTY Retail CRM, as a marketing expert, you can define your own loyalty point system which will woo the customers to spend more.

Special Points On Special Occasions

Customers always like to be complemented for some of their achievements or special dates. LYTTY CRM will help the retailers to configure special Loyalty points personalized to the customers special moments like Birthdays, Anniversary etc.,

Loyalty Live Sync With Ecommerce

Any loyalty program will be successful only if its been made available to the customers, no matter from which channels they buy your products or services from. Even if you are an Ecommerce retailer or a retailer does transaction through your chain of stores, you can seamlessly integrate your loyalty program to all channels. Help your customers to utilize your loyalty campaign more effectively and give them seamless experience in all your retail channels.