Sales Monitoring

Monitor and Analyse your sales and order flow integrating to your business process.

Invoice Sync From Ecommerce/ Instore App

Any Retail business data is not full without the transaction details, and one of the important transaction data is Sales data. Its imperative for growing retailers to analyse the sales data from different angles, like customer wise, location wise, period wise etc., LITTY Retail CRM will help you to plug in to your current Invoicing software and get the data updated in one place for your further analysis. Sales data can be integrated to LYTTY Retail CRM from your Ecommerce platform or from your InStore Retail POS software.

Lytty CRM Analytics Tool
Retail CRM Demo

Smart Workflow On Order Fulfilment

As a Retail Business owner of a Growing Retail entity, you know that the efficiency of your business process can be increased by automating lot of repeated activity across your business. Like, if you want your Support staff to know as soon as a complaint is lodged in your system, you can either sent a alert in the mobile or inscreen which will help them to take quick action. There are many scenarios, where your team needs to contact customer after certain days as a feedback call. Such actions can be seamlessly automated with Smart and intelligent workflows built in LYTTY Retail CRM.

After Sales Support Management

Customer satisfaction is the best indicator about the likelihood of a buyer to purchase your product or service in the future. With LYTTY Retail CRM, you can manage all your support queries efficiently. Help the customers to punch in their support query in a simple way and you can start tracking and responding with out wasting any time which will help you to improve the customer satisfaction.

CRM for retail stores
Customer relationship management

In-depth Customer Sales Analysis

Sales data is one supreme data point with regards to any form of business. Hence LYTTY Retail CRM, has equipped itself with powerful sales transaction analysis from invoicing to delivery and dispatch and also the after sales process. Many smart workflow will help you to know more about your sales activity and since LYTTY is a Customer Relationship Management tool, you can slice and dice your sales data to derive perfect mix for your marketing campaigns.